Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

The State of Ready strives to educate, train, and infuse technology into Emergency Management. We will do this by developing a weekly podcasts designed to inform everyone of trends, tips, and experience from a variety of viewpoints to help prepare for critical events.

State of Ready aims to provide the following:

  • A place where those interested can learn about the field of emergency management and preparedness.
  • You can gain valuable experience and break into the industry.
  • Develop new ideas to solve problems within your community.
  • Valuable networking opportunities and conference listings around the country.
  • An understanding of technology that is available to you to help during an event.
  • A forum to interact with other emergency managers and preparedness coordinators

Our Values:

  • Be inclusive to all of our communities
  • Bring together Emergency Managers young and old
  • Early adopters of technology to solve problems
  • Identify upcoming trends and issues in Emergency Management
  • Design a platform that welcomes new ideas and innovation

Welcome to the State of Ready!

-Ed Colson @readynorthwest

-Bill Fogarty @21clets